Mastering transformation

The ability of your company to succeed depends on the ability to change. And every transformation starts and ends with the people in your team. We specialize on guiding management through their transformation journey and empowering their teams to evolve from passengers to co-pilots.


As innovation cycles are becoming ever shorter and new, technologically adept competition arises, enterprises across all industries must increase their ability to react to changing markets and business environments.

Across the globe, organizational structures are rapidly evolving to achieve the new magnitude of creativity and agility needed to succeed in a VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity und ambiguity. Traditional top-down “task and control” is giving way to a “guide and support” culture, and enterprises of varying sizes and across industries are experimenting with servant leadership, agile organization principles, and holocracy.

These trends demand not only an increased pace of change for businesses and organizational structures, but also a transformation of the role and self-perception of management – and subsequently of what change management must do and deliver to support management. In a “task-and-control”, top-down world change management is about supporting a manager to lead his team from one steady state to a new and different steady state. In a “guide and support” world, management must ultimately empower team members to lead and organize by themselves and deliver a clear sense of purpose as an orientation to their teams to successfully steer through a changing environment.

This is a vast challenge for both management and employees – and even more so in the conservative culture of big corporations in the production and process industries that are built on standardization, long-term perfection and scalability.

“Yes, there clearly is a difference between Spotify and a chemicals giant. But that doesn’t mean they can’t become a lot more agile in reacting to internal and external customer demands”

We specialize on co-creating customized organizational and leadership models together with our client’s management. We are prepared to support you all the way on your individual transformation journey. With a clear understanding of the specifics of the production and process industries and the people working there. With established and proven methods, tools and tradecraft. And the necessary pragmatism to recognize when to bend theories and principles to make them work for real.

Core beliefs

The results of your transformation depend a lot on your expectations at the start of your journey. Let us share our thoughts on what change management should do for you

  • Think next level:
    don’t be content to move your organization to an incrementally better, but stable state – only to go through the whole painful process again and again and again. Aim to empower your employees to take on responsibility and enable your organization to become more agile and tackle future problems without someone at the top handing out tasks.
  • Be prepared – and start with purpose.
    No matter how big or small your transformation challenge is – do not start before you are ready to lead and manage the transformation process. And most vital: make sure you and your coalition of transformation leaders have a clear picture of why and where you want to go and how to communicate this.
  • Don’t separate change management from everything else.
    We believe that change management should not and cannot be regarded as a separate discipline but must be thought and organized as an integrated part of the transformation effort: every meeting and workshop, every explicit and implicit bit of communication and staffing decision is part of the overall transformation story and determines progress and overall success.
  • You can’t outsource leadership.
    Consultants can support management in managing change in many ways. But the single most important aspect of any successful transformation journey is strong and authentic leadership. The consultant can support, complement, coach and help out with project management  – but can never replace a convincing leader.
How to

Take a look at our formula for successful transformation projects distilled from many years of experience

We have developed a framework to guide initiatives through three distinct phases of transformation. During each phase, we apply a set of proven methods and tools to safeguard successful deployment.


Typical 3con Contributions

  1. Guiding management of an infrastructure plant through a complete organizational redesign of structures and processes.
  2. Delivering top line growth by getting business units of a large chemical corporation to pull for and implement a digitization solution instead of just pushing it down their throats.
  3. Supporting implementation of a holistic production system in 200 plants at the world’s largest chemical production site.
  4. Implementation of agile project management in process engineering at a chemicals corporation and development of a customized approach and toolbox for deployment of agile elements.
  5. Redesign and implementation of the management system at the interface of production and technical services with extensive stakeholder involvement in 17 production plants with approx. 2.000 employees.
  6. Conception of an agile organizational and mindset transformation roadmap for a "Future Business"-unit of a large site service provider.
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