Cleantech startup AllocNow partners with BASF and integrates the chemical company's methodology for automated calculation of the carbon footprint of products into its industry-specific carbon management software.

Many companies in the chemical industry make an important contribution to climate protection. They work on innovative materials and set themselves ambitious CO2 emissions reduction targets. To meet both, their own and their customers' requirements, standardized product labeling is becoming increasingly important. Prerequisite for this: comparability through an accepted standard for calculating the carbonfootprint of products.

"Transparency on CO2 emissions at the product level is a cornerstone for steering towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions",says Alessandro Pistillo, Director Digital Strategic Projects at BASF. The company has pioneered a methodology for the automated calculation of product carbon footprints(PCF)based on international standards, which it is now licensing to selected partners such as cleantech startup AllocNow. "Our ecosystem of partnerships will accelerate the calculation, reporting and sharing of PCF data between actors along value chains" explains Pistillo.

AllocNow integrates BASF's methodology, which is certified by TÜV-Rheinland, into its Carbon Management Suite. "Sustainability attributes of products are becoming a key differentiator. Today, however, they are very complex to determine for each individual product. We are revolutionizing the calculation of the PCF of chemical products by automating it based oncompany data and making it accessible and understandable even for non-experts”,says Daniel Bochnitschek, CEO of AllocNow.

The startup aims to empower chemical companies to realize their full potential in reducing carbon emissionsand thus contribute to climate protection. And according to Daniel Bochnitschek, the team is striving for more: "We started with the automated calculation of the carbon footprint, as it is the most urgent indicator in view of the climate crisis. Gradually, we will add more impact categories. In addition, we will work closely with our partners from industry on the topic of circular economy and develop innovative software solutions for this as well."

About AllocNow

NowAllocNow is a cleantech startup focused on the chemical industry. Our software helps companies to calculate the carbon footprint of products in an automated way, to communicate it in an understandable way and to reduce it in a targeted way. As a spin-off of 3con Management Consultants, we have an interdisciplinary team with sound technical and professional expertise in the areas of sustainability and software development in the chemical industry. We leverage this experience in product development and the management of rollout processes.

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