Upgrade your sport and unleash your digital potential

Digital technologies are revolutionizing organizations, offering multiple advantages to improve current businesses and to generate new business opportunities. The sports industry as a growing multimillion high-impact sector is highly affected by digitization.

Sports is data and sport information is shared faster and more extensively than ever before. Also, stakeholders increasingly demand for digital tools: Fans expect innovative, digitally-enhanced experience in and off stadium, broadcasters require uniform and well-processed statistics, governments require data protection as per current law, sponsors need digital analytic tools to measure sponsorship value and athletes rely on digital solutions to ensure fair and fun competitions.

Thus, sports associations feel the urge to upgrade their sport and leverage their digital potential. A clearly-defined digital roadmap, tailored to individual needs, helps sports federations to make the best use of their data today and enables them to create business opportunities for tomorrow. However, many are lost in the overwhelming number of digital opportunities and do not know where to start.

From our experience, sports associations often face the challenge to choose the right solution from a massive pool of digital technologies. While the specific goals and maturity level of each association must be taken into consideration while choosing the most effective digital service, the digital needs of their key stakeholders ultimately determine the right solution. Thus, we support sports federations in tailoring digital solutions that better serve their stakeholders and that create an overall benefit for the sport.

For this we developed a two-step workshop approach with proven methods that allow outlining a comprehensive digital roadmap for sports associations with concrete ways to leverage their digital potential:


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