Increasing cross-industry competitiveness

In many sectors, companies are facing increasing competitiveness due to new external competitors, changing customer needs and disruptive business models.

For that reason, as the digital change progresses and product life cycles shorten, innovation is put on most companies’ agenda as the top priority to strengthen the growth momentum.

3con Insights: Innovation

Interview with Dr. Ziad Mahayni (in German)

The road toward a successful innovation culture is not obstacle-free. Despite the access to a broad base of information, companies often fail in two fundamental challenges. First, they do not clearly understand what really matters to customers. From an authentic customer’s perspective, it is essential not only to recognize the expectations, but also to identify what unexpected added value would impress customers, creating an emotional bond and setting the company apart from competitors. Second, many businesses struggle to convert good ideas into action-oriented steps, as the endeavors usually end up dissolved in an ocean of complex and rigid matrix structures.

Unlike larger organizations with big assets and conventional practices, start-ups excel at adapting to industry shifts by embracing an idea-generator attitude, an efficient cross-functional communication, and a dynamic trial & error approach. Even though large corporations can’t simply transform themselves into start-up-like organizations, many of the tools, structures and working processes can be transferred boosting innovation culture and innovation speed.

We support companies to embed a benchmark innovation culture through the application of high-effective tools like design-thinking or agile innovation in a co-creative way. Our recognized experience as hands-on partner and our divergent network of experts constitute a solid stimulus for our customers success.

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