Aligning operations with market requirements

We support our clients in the development and implementation of robust operational excellence strategies in all areas of the value chain. This is how we enable growth and efficiency gains.


Topics Operational Excellence

In an increasingly competitive environment with volatile conditions, changing customer needs and shorter product lifecycles, efficient and adaptable operations are a prerequisite for sustained success. It is essential to take a close look at people and machines - analog as well as digital.

Our consultants are experts in creating tailor-made approaches and programs that consider the key areas of operational excellence:

  • Organization & processes: end-to-end process optimization, roles & responsibilities, work organization
  • Production & services: make-or-buy decisions, cross-interface optimization
  • Digitization & automation: target image development, portfolio management, proof of concept, rapid prototyping
  • Asset management: asset and maintenance strategy, tool implementation (e.g. OEE)
  • Steering & success control: management systems, incentives and steering mechanisms
  • Knowledge management: safeguarding critical know-how, coping with demographic change, flexibilization

Excellence in Innovation & Development

Innovation and the development of new products and business models are increasingly becoming top priorities to ensure competitiveness and survival. Flexible, agressive innovators are rapidly penetrate markets. This further shortens product lifecycles. Digitization acts as a catalyst across industries.

Innovation requires creativity and the possibility of failure. However, this does not mean that it is an unstructured process. On the contrary – a structured approach and a proven set of skills help to find and implement ideas. None of this is rocket science, but it's a different job than most R&D professionals are used to – in terms of thinking, interaction with colleagues, and methods.

Our experts help to strengthen innovation and to shorten the time to market.

  • Agile research & development
  • Business model innovation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • MVP development
  • Design thinking

Excellence in Operations

In times of increasing volatility, agile and resilient organizational structures are critical to success. This is particularly true in operations, where initiatives to reduce costs, to increase productivity or to increase flexibility have to take effect quickly, in line with the market situation.

Smooth processes across interfaces and an efficient organizational structure are the success factors for efficiency and effectiveness and the key to sustainable competitiveness. Optimal processes are waste-free, lean and fulfill a central goal: they generate visible and measurable value for customers. 

We support our clients in setting up operational excellence programs and implement them sustainably and effectively.

  • Setting up and introducing production systems
  • Value stream analysis and debottlenecking according to lean philosophy
  • Restructuring and cost reduction programs
  • Supply chain optimization & planning processes
  • In-/outsourcing of site and production services on provider and customer side
  • Optimization of site operators and site management

Excellence in Business Management

Limiting operational excellence efforts to production and supply chain does not go far enough. Only the inclusion of business functions such as purchasing, marketing, sales or regulatory allows a holistic optimization of the value stream. In the end, increased customer requirements, increasing speed of change and increasing pressure to innovate are also reflected in the administrative functions.

Digitalization offers considerable opportunities for innovation in order to be closer and faster to customers and to improve data-based business decisions with the aim of sustainably increasing margins and securing competitive advantages. It is important to use them.

  • Value-based product portfolio management
  • Business planning processes
  • Control of value chains
  • Data mining and business intelligence

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