We systematically transfer our expertise to the world of sports associations and NGOs

Sports associations are currently facing three main challenges, which lead to a reorientation of organizational structures. First, associations must develop attractive formats through innovation and further development of their event portfolio to continually inspire their target audiences in a dynamic environment. Second, structures, processes and organizations must be professionalized to efficiently manage the diversity of tasks using limited resources. Finally, associations need to embed principles of transparent leadership and good governance to maintain their credibility and eligibility for support.

We bolster associations in managing these challenges by transferring established structures and proven processes from the private sector specifically to associations. To successfully transfer best practices to the world of associations it is crucial to consider their specific characteristics and circumstances. Certainly, revenue generation is a key task for associations. Yet, unlike profit-oriented companies, associations do not maximize their revenues to pay dividends but to fulfill association-specific purposes such as sports development. In addition to revenue optimization, the efficiency and effectiveness of the development measures must therefore be taken into consideration for the professionalization of association structures. Also, both tasks need to be implemented in an extremely complex stakeholder network.

Through recognized experience on different projects, 3con has gained deep expertise in the characteristics of association structures and the appropriate best practices from the business world. Working closely with associations in co-creative processes, we create added value by specific challenges identification and tailored strategies development. For example, we jointly formulate measures to improve operational structures and processes, provide orientation in the Herculean task of digitizing association structures, define strategies for the further development of existing products, develop innovative event formats and support the establishment of transparent guidelines across all management levels. Wherever necessary, we rely on a great network of experts from the sport and association world.

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