Mastering the structural change towards a sustainable economy

We support our customers in shaping and implementing their ambitious goals in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and, in particular, in managing their carbon footprint and their path to a circular economy and climate neutrality. This is how we help Operations to be sustainable.


Ambitious goals of our customer industries

Both society and business feel the enormous pressure to act on the fundamental structural change toward a sustainable economy. The global community has already translated its response into binding targets and frameworks. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal, the Paris Climate Agreement or the Supply Chain Act set the basic guidelines.

The challenges for the process industries are equally daunting: as manufacturing companies, they have a high share in GHG emissions, in resource consumption and in material production. Their position at the beginning of the value chain makes them almost universally affected. And their capital-intensive plants that run for decades create high decision-making pressure.

Companies in the process industry set themselves very ambitious sustainability targets:

  • Implementing the GHG Protocol
  • Setting targets within the framework of the SBTi
  • Renewal of processes along the VCI Roadmap 2050
  • Introduction of the EU taxonomy or measures for the circular economy
  • ...

Target setting and strategies for achieving the targets

Setting goals in concrete terms and developing effective strategies to achieve them is a major challenge.

Being specialists in strategy formulation in given frameworks but "unexplored terrain", our consultants help with concepts to deal with essential issues:

  • Interpretation of norms and rules into practical goals
  • Integration of classic EHS goals and methods with broader sustainability issues
  • Strategic alignment between central EHS initiatives and decentralized business strategies
  • Transformation of asset structures in manufacturing (investments, costs and economics)
  • Long-term strategies for site infrastructure
  • New business areas for site operators
  • Holistic hydrogen strategies in the area of energy and raw material supply

Transparency and communication

For secure communication, targeted transparency on target achievement, key figures and measures is required. However, the same transparency is also needed for internal control and as a basis for decision-making.

We help to translate standards and rules into the right measurable variables and certifiable processes. We support the acquisition of internal data and its connection to KPI systems. We manage your PMO to achieve coverage, generate the data and ensure data quality.

We support the digitalization of data acquisition.

Our spin-off AllocNow, which cooperates with BASF, has integrated the BASF Methodology for automated calculation of the PCF into its industry-specific carbon management suite to systematically and reliably ensure transparency for the product-specific carbon footprint (PCF).

Sustainable Business Steering

The achievement of goals within the framework of sustainable business steering is essential for overall success.

Our consultants focus on implementation management. We help define implementation paths, design steering committees effectively and efficiently, use digitization in a targeted manner, and develop implementation metrics and continuous steering from a business perspective. Above all, however, we act as a catalyst for change management.

Structural change offers not only risks and costs, but also opportunities in competition and economic success. We incorporate this perspective into our solutions. Specifically for PCFs, the carbon management software of our spin-off AllocNow incorporates tools that help steer the transparent commercialization of "green" products.

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