Securing the capacity to act of production organizations of process industry enterprises by means of enterprises-based qualification

Asset-specific and site-specific experience is the crucial qualification for employees in the plants of the process industry. To gain that qualification, to advance it, and above all, to transfer it, is the crucial challenge to HR and knowledge management.

Increased task sharing and more specialised workplaces – driven by automation and digitisation – tend to create increasingly singular knowledge (by experience), thus continually exacerbating that challenge.

At the same time, experienced employees retire – in many production plants, aggravated by demographics. These employees often have unique knowledge of the conditions (“the asset behaviour”, “the feeling for the need of maintenance”, etc.). This know-how is generally not documented.

Many companies succeed in replacing quitting employees despite the competition for scarce resources, thanks to good training and stable working conditions. But even if this works, demographics and a changing demeanour regarding the loyalty towards the employer will intensify the labour turnover.

The experience-based qualification approach tries to secure the capacity to act of operations, given the mentioned circumstances.

Securing experience-based knowledge

Interview with Dr. Marcus Heinrich (in German)

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