3con publishes sustainability report


As DNK training partner, we are happy to support you in setting up a sustainability strategy as well as getting started with sustainability reporting.

3con has published a sustainability report for the year 2021. The report was prepared on a voluntary basis and aligns with the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) - a recognized standard for sustainability reporting in Germany. Due to our many years of expertise in sustainability consulting as well as our participation in relevant DNK training, we now are also an official training partner of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE).

At 3con, we view it as our corporate duty to transparently publish internal sustainability efforts. However, publishing a sustainability report means much more to us than just reporting: "The decisive factor is the process behind it which involves all employees and which we also use to continuously further develop our corporate sustainability strategy. After all, reporting our progress is not just a formality, it sets the direction for 3con's development in the coming months," says Dr. Gebhard Grimm, Managing Partner at 3con.

Sustainability is one of our corporate strategy's central components. Therefore, we have set two overarching strategic goals: Firstly, we want to emit a maximum of 76 grams of CO2 per kilometer traveled in the context of business activities by 2030. The key performance indicator for this is our corporate carbon footprint, which we have been recording regularly since 2011. Secondly, we want to permanently increase the internal quota of women to at least 30 percent from 2023.



Corporate Sustainability Report 2021:
Declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code

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