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As specialists for designing and accompanying profound change processes we deal with the important management problems of our time. We focus on industrial enterprises, and we have particular experiences in the chemical and process industry branches.

Innovation & Growth 

We support our clients in realizing growth potentials, help to increase speed and output of R&D and assist in the digital transformation. We also support the design thinking and the innovation processes from ideation to agile product development. Creative, passionate and methodical.



 We support our customers in shaping and implementing their ambitious goals in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and, in particular, in managing their carbon footprint and their path to a circular economy and climate neutrality. This is how we help Operations to be sustainable.


Operational Excellence

We support our clients in the development and implementation of robust operational excellence strategies in all areas of the value chain: innovation, operations and business management. This is how we enable growth and efficiency gains.


Implementation Management

As a management force booster, we make sure that improvement and change initiatives achieve their objectives. Equipped with the right tools and not afraid of contact with the operative business, our teams ensure accepted results and visible progress.


in the field

Typical 3con contributions

  1. Implementation of a management system at the interface of production and technical services with extensive stakeholder participation in 17 companies with approx. 2,000 employees.
  2. Product and business model development for new digital offerings of an industrial service provider. Accompanying the cultural change to an innovation-driven company.
  3. Outsourcing of production-related site services (chemicals) and process support up to employee transition.
  4. Design and implementation of an intuitive decision support tool for value-based management of backward-integrated value chains.
  5. Creation of a service strategy for the site service provider of a large multi-user site with a complicated ownership structure.
  6. Optimization of production-related services at around 40 chemical production sites across Europe.
  7. Implementation of agile processes in research to increase research speed, customer focus and resource efficiency.
  8. Development of a digital roadmap for the R&D unit of a global agrochemical company.
  9. Development of a customer-centric digital roadmap across all functions and disciplines along the value chain of an aroma manufacturer.
3con Insights


3con Framework

3con Map of Sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, businesses find themselves in a volatile environment – respective decisions are often made under great uncertainty. Our new framework, the 3con Map of Sustainability, supports you in handling this complexity. It helps you gain orientation and enables well-informed decisions.

3con Spin-off


With its Carbon Managemnt Suite, the cleantech startup AllocNow helps companies in the chemical industry to calculate the carbon footprint of their products (PCF) in an automated way, to communicate it in a understandable way and to reduce it in a targeted way. AllocNow partners with BASF and integrates the chemical company's TÜV-Rheinland-certified methodology for calculating the PCF into its industry-specific software.

3con digital solutions


3con Flow helps companies to create complete transparency over their value chain. By intelligently linking purchasing, production and sales data in a graph model, correlations become visible, understandable and manageable.

Process industry

Agile project management

In times of changing framework conditions and complex project environments, project manager desperately try to manage the balancing act between the framework conditions regarding quality, time and costs on the one hand and a project result that meets current requirements on the other hand. Agile project management has been considered the answer to this challenge, for a while now.

3con insight

DigitalTrack 4.0

3con and Bilfinger have always been united by their common industry focus on the process industry. Combining many years of experience in this field with 3con's transformation know-how on the one hand and Bilfinger Digital Nexts expertise in creating digital solutions on the other hand makes us the digitization partner for your operations.

3con insight

A practical approach to supply chain vulnerability analysis using graph technology

COVID-19 makes us aware how vulnerable globally integrated supply chains in chemicals and process industries are. With our graph-based vulnerability analysis, we enable crisis teams by providing end-to-end transparency on their business. 

3con insight

Site management today

The narrative of the present time is a complex world that needs new methods to be mastered. Operating a chemical site, especially a large multi-user site, is one of the most complex organizational structures. What does this mean for site operation today?

3con insight

Agile research and development

Agile principles form a current trend. In their core, they constitute a transfer of lean management methods (known from the production context) to explorative activities; their first broad applications took place in software development.

3con insight

Maintenance 4.0

In the thicket of apparently endless digital trends, finding the right and measurable way to create added value for your company is difficult. For maintenance service providers, Virtual Enhanced Maintenance solutions are the fastest way to achieve significant improvements in quality and costs.

3con insight

Optimizing small production sites

Capable and efficient operations are a critical success factor, not only for global players in the chemical and process industries.

3con insight

When experience retires

The crucial qualification for employees in process industry operations is their asset-specific and site-specific experience.

Digital Transformation Playbook

The "Digital Transformation Playbook" innovation and digitization managers serves as a source of inspiration for the hands-on design of a co-creative and integrative digital transformation process: enable and motivate your organization to actively shape digital change.

3con insight

Drive Innovation

In many sectors, companies are facing increasing competitiveness due to new external competitors, changing customer needs and disruptive business models.

3con insight

Making digitization effective

Everyone is talking about digitization. For manufacturing companies, digitization is expected to lead to great efficiency gains. However, in many companies the effects of digitization measures that have been implemented have fallen short of expectations so far.

3con insight

Mind the Gap

Everyone is talking about digitization. For manufacturing companies, digitization is expected to lead to great efficiency gains. However, in many companies the effects of digitization measures that have been implemented have fallen short of expectations so far.

3con insight

Digital roadmap for sports associations

The sports industry as a growing multimillion high-impact sector is highly affected by digitization. Sports is data and sport information are shared faster and more extensively than ever before. Also, fans, sponsors, the media and other stakeholders increasingly demand for digital tools.