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We design and implement digital solutions. Tailor-made, fast and pragmatic. We combine our operational excellence know-how and implementation strength with our enthusiasm for data-driven and user-centric software development.


How do digitalization projects become successful?

In our view, these are the three most important success factors:

  • Focus on a concrete business problem: How are things going today? What should become better? What exactly does better mean?
  • Rapid Prototyping: Quickly arrive at the first minimal version, iterative further development, thinking in packages
  • Digitization is daily business: make operational staff responsible, no "outsourcing" in Digital Labs, no wasting time with buzz
AllOCNOW - carbon management suite

Calculation of strategic scenarios for value-based carbon management and the allocation of greenhouse gas emissions across the product portfolio. Simple, ISO-compliant and transparent.

Value chain steering

Application for managing integrated value chains: Allocation decisions, optimization of the product-customer portfolio, margin management.

asset start-up support

Supplement the "gut feeling" of the plant operator with data-supported response recommendations based on statistical evaluations of stationary plant conditions. This makes start-up safe and reliable.

Budgeting wizard

Are you still planning or are you already selling? The Budgeting Wizard generates a budget proposal for the coming period and allows you to make simple adjustments.

Turnaround prediction machine

Our prediction engine suggests the necessary resources and materials for the next turnaround based on past shutdowns, plant modifications and existing dependencies in the production network.

Master data cleaner

Correction of errors and inconsistencies in master data. Creates the basic prerequisite for leveraging additional software and for Big Data projects.


Together with Bilfinger Digital Next, we have invited decision-makers from manufacturing industries to discuss the challenges of coping with digital requirements and implementation. Great evening, great discussions.  Check it out!

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