Flow is a practical approach to analyze vulnerabilities and risks in inetrgated supply chains

"Companies often miss to see relationships and patterns in their data."

Daniel Bochnitschek, Senior Manager 3con

Reveal dependencies

Unleash the full power of your data by uncovering and analyzing dependencies within your value chain. Flow integrates your data silos into a comprehensive model. This enables you to link procurement data with production recipes and network information with demand and sales data.

Prepare in advance

What if your suppliers run short? Where are you exposed to single sources? Which of your production facilities are system-critical? How do you allocate products to customers in shortage situations? Prevent reactive fire fighting by identifying hidden risks in your value chain to make it more robust than ever.


Respond fast

Anticipate the impact of current incidents in order to react quickly and appropreatly in a fast changing environment. Use the insights gained from scenario simulations for effective communication with suppliers, customers, authorities and employees.

Define goal and use cases

To get the most value out of flow, adress your business questions and needs up front! Our experts support you in defining the right analysis questions that bring immediate value to business users.

Setup data model and algorithms

Understand, analyze and preprocess relevant data and integrate them into an end-to-end graph model! Use-case-specific queries and algorithms provide the insights needed.

Launch end user application

Build fully customized end user applications. Enable data-driven decision making at scale to save time, improve profitability and delight customers!


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Daniel Bochnitschek

Co-Founder & CEO 

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Georgi Tadeus

 Manager, Expert Digital Solutions

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