Dr. Gebhard Grimm is our entrepreneuerial backbone as managing director and founder

What drives a person who wants to understand the world? Unbridled curiosity, mental freedom and an undaunted self. Gebhard Grimm is such a character. He grasps new topics at an early stage, understands complex change processes and faces the questions of our time with a combination of knowledge, fuzzy logic and openness. Within the social tensions of science, economy and politics, his personal experience makes him competent to speak in all areas. His motivation is his vision: with his knowledge and his commitment, he wants to contribute to changing our society sustainably.

Born in 1962 in the tranquil village of Wört in the foothills of the Swabian Alb, Gebhard Grimm grew up in humble surroundings on his parents' farm. From an early age, his mother and father gave him the freedom to develop independently and according to his talents. After graduating from high school, his pleasure of thinking and understanding finally led him to study physics. Grimm wanted to understand and not just to learn. And he certainly did: first as a student and later during his doctorate and as a research assistant at the Department of Theoretical Physics at the University of Tübingen. His mentor and companion was professor Harald Stumpf, a student of Werner Heisenberg, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Like his mentor, Grimm initially spent several research years as a physicist looking for the theoretical roots of our world. Numerous encounters shaped him and made him more curious. But it was one that was to leave an immediate mark on his life. A rather chance encounter with the physicist, philosopher and peace researcher Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker developed into a close and intimate bond. The exchange with the almost fatherly friend made it clear to Grimm that science alone was not meant to help him understand the world in its complexity. So, he left university and moved into the business world in 1995.

As a management consultant, Grimm started building his credentials at a small, focused strategy consultancy and then deepened his experience at one of the large established consultancies. He finally put his personal understanding of customized, individual and co-creative advisory into practice seven years later. He has founded 3con Management Consultants based on the conviction that sustainable change can only be achieved by collaborating with clients to find the best possible solutions. Personally, competently and with a high demand on himself: Grimm's focus is on holistic strategy and organizational development, including cross-company optimization through value-added purchasing management. He is also an expert in innovative and sustainable energy and supply concepts.   

As a consulting boutique, we stand for individual solutions, which we design and implement together with our clients.

Grimm now lives in the Rhineland, is a husband, a father of four children and a grandfather. He is deliberately involved in a few well-chosen projects which move him both in terms of content and emotion. For example, the communication and promotion of knowledge and education are the focus of the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, of which he is a board member. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Metis foundation for the promotion of the natural sciences and the fine arts. With his active involvement as a Rotarian, he also helps to support social projects.

Gebhard Grimm: scientist, entrepreneur, mentor and family man. Undaunted, determined and consistently humane, he faces the ever-changing challenges of our society – with his diverse interests and skills, he is a strong character with a true calling. Only those who can penetrate complex issues holistically and who understand the people behind the multi-layered challenges of our global world can mediate between the parties involved, help others in the community and ultimately bring about lasting change in society. 

Dr. Gebhard Grimm

Managing Partner 

consulting focus:
Strategy & Organization, Value Chain & Purchasing, Energy & Utilities