Operational excellence at small production sites

Capable and efficient operations are a critical success factor not only for globally operating companies in the chemical and process industries.

Prevalent optimizing approaches for a sustainable safeguarding of competitiveness, though, often seem too effort-intensive for small and medium-sized operational sites. Without central staff sections and optimization units, according to a widespread assessment, many operational excellence conceptions can only be applied insufficiently. Not rightly so, as we think.

Since more than ten years, we have been operationalizing operational excellence conceptions in projects for the large players of the European chemical industry. Operationalizing means that we adapt the conceptions to specific challenges and general conditions, making them manageable for individual plants. Particularly, we have applied them to the small and medium-sized production sites of those companies. The principal task in all cases was to convert the conceptions to measures so that, in the end, feasible assignments resulted which bore substantial potential for the persons responsible for the sites, all while having an adequate effort-benefit ratio.

We have integrated the experiences from those projects, as well as from our ongoing occupation with topical operational excellence conceptions, into a package for small sites. That includes: a third-party assessment of the operations status on your site specific proposals for realizable optimization measures, whose emphases are adapted to your current situation and requirements with manageable effort.

Optimizing small production sites

Interview with Daniel Bochnitschek (in German)

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