Dr. Marcus Heinrich stands for operational excellence in the chemical industry

He is at home at the chemical sites in Europe and is a recognized trendsetter and advisor for management in complex optimization initiatives. He has been driving the continuous development of concepts and competencies at 3con since its founding.

Dr. Marcus Heinrich was born in 1968. After studying solid state physics in Bonn and Göttingen, he earned his doctorate in scanning tunneling microscopy in Jülich/Aachen. Since joining the consulting business in 1997, he has focused his work on production, production sites and services in the chemical industry. He is familiar with most European chemical production sites. As a founding partner, he brought this focus and experience to 3con in 2002. Since then, he has successively expanded his expertise and the company's competencies in this field. He accompanies senior management during change processes with enthusiasm and full commitment from conception to implementation.

Consulting is outsourced management. This must be recognisable in the performance profile of a consultant.

Born in Cologne, he lives in Bonn with his wife and two children. He is strongly involved in voluntary work, especially in the self-administration and the associations of the Catholic Church. 

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Dr. Marcus Heinrich


consulting focus:
Production, production sites and services of the chemical industry

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