High-speed digitization for the mid-sized process industry

3con and Bilfinger have always been united by their common industry focus on the process industry. Bilfinger Digital Nexts expertise in the creation of digital solutions and 3con's transformation know-how make us the right partners for your operations.

Our approach

In medium-sized companies in particular, a lean, fast approach that quickly adds value is the key to success. The modular approach we offer includes all aspects necessary for digital transformation - with adjustable emphasis at a fixed price.

DigitalTrack 4.0

We create a business case based on an analysis of the initial situation and develop a concrete digital solution within a short time. The process is embedded in an agile project setup, whose structures, roles and working methods are anchored in the customer's organization.

Your advantages

The project will give you a comprehensive overview of digitization fields that are worthwhile for your company and your business objectives right from the start. For a promising field of action, you will receive a digital solution with quantifiable project cost potential. The working modes and structures learned will enable your organization to drive the further digital transformation of your operations. In the end, you decide how to proceed.

Franz Braun, Managing Director of Bilfinger Digital Next and 3con Partner Dr. Ziad Mahayni on the subject

Digitization of operations

Digitization is a transformation process to be coordinated, which can be run through for different areas of operations, each at its own speed.

Operations 4.0

The DigitalTrack 4.0 solution is based on four fundamental principles, which are based on many years of experience with transformation and change processes in general and digitization in particular:

  • Digitization is not an end in itself! The digitization of individual areas or processes needs to serve a specific business objective.
  • Digitization needs leadership! Management must set the goals and drive the transformation.
  • Digitization includes both technology and organizational development! Building up competence and adapting processes are the basis for the sustainable application of technical solutions.
  • Digitization only succeeds step by step! The overall transformation must be broken down into manageable work packages that solve concrete problems and generate tangible added value.


You are looking for an integrated partner for the digital change in your company? A partner who has the competence to develop digital solutions as well as to manage change and who takes a holistic and business-oriented view of the possibilities and helps to develop the digital culture?

Then get in touch with us!

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