Dr. Ziad Mahayni philosopher, scientist and management expert

As a partner at 3con, start-up coach and keynote speaker he analyzes the implications of digitizaion on economy, society and human being.

Dr. Ziad Mahayni was born in 1971 and studied Chemistry and Philosophy at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Université de Bordeaux and Harvard University. After completing his doctorate on an interdisciplinary topic at the interface between science and philosophy, he moved into business and worked for two years for a leading chemical-pharmaceutical group in strategic marketing and business development.

He joined 3con in 2004 and has been a partner since 2009, initially focusing on the optimization of corporate, production site and service structures. He successively expanded his competence into the field of digital transformation and innovation as well as the associated cultural change of organizations. He draws on his experience as a business angel for innovative start-ups, whose agile and customer-oriented working methods he adapts for large corporations as well as sports associations and other organisations.

"The right question is more important than the right answer"

In publications, blogs, lectures and teaching assignments, among others in the master's program FutureDesign, he is actively involved in the discussion of future issues. He lives with his family in Frankfurt.

Dr. Ziad Mahayni


consulting focus:
Digital transformation, innovation, production site strategies and site services

TEDx talk

With the motto "The Paradigm Shift" - the fifth TEDxHHL conference in Leipzig attracted numerous guests. Dr. Ziad Mahayni inspired the audience with his TEDx talk on "Innovation in the Era of Digitization".

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Digital roadmap for sports associations

The sports industry as a growing multimillion high-impact sector is highly affected by digitization. Sports is data and sport information are shared faster and more extensively than ever before. Also, fans, sponsors, the media and other stakeholders increasingly demand for digital tools.

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In many sectors, companies are facing increasing competitiveness due to new external competitors, changing customer needs and disruptive business models.

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Agile research and development

Agile principles form a current trend. In their core, they constitute a transfer of lean management methods (known from the production context) to explorative activities; their first broad applications took place in software development.