Implementing things quickly and effectively

As a management force booster, we make sure that you achieve your goals. Equipped with the right tools, our teams ensure accepted results and visible progress.


Much to do, but too few resources

As innovation cycles become shorter and shorter, companies across all industries need to increase their reactivity to changing conditions. In order to persist, it is not enough to quickly come up with new concepts. It all depends on fast implementation. And on the willingness to question and change things that have been completed.

Shorten lead times, develop new products, improve margins, enter new markets, reduce accident rates, drive digital transformation, better serve customers – the to-do lists with important as well as urgent tasks are endless, prioritization is hardly possible.

As temporary collaborators, our consultants support organizations in the goal-oriented implementation of mission-critical initiatives.

Implementation needs management

To commit an organization to common goals and to lead it in one direction is a management task. It requires a sound understanding of content, conceptual clarity and a broad set of methods for the effective integration of employees and their knowledge.

Our proven method of work dissolves the classic boundaries between concept creation and implementation in the line organization. Through early integration of a representative cross-section of the affected organization in the analysis phase and operationalization, ideas and concepts are quickly and pragmatically adapted to the specific circumstances. This approach increases the probability of implementation by stregthening acceptance by the staff and eliminating the friction losses of the classical procedure with its separation of thinking and doing.

We provide experienced and trained consultants for the management of implementation projects and interim management tasks.

  • Co-creative concept and strategy development
  • Facilitative management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Moderation of small to large groups
  • Project controlling and tracking
  • Agile project management

For us, in all projects change and content always belong together. That's why we do not see change management as an independent discipline.


Implementation traps: in our consulting practice, we have compiled a small set of guidelines, the observance of which pragmatically and effectively increases the probability of implementation.

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What do you want to implement?

You have a lot in mind but not enough resources? You just don't make any progress in the important topics? Contact us!

If you like, we will get to know each other during a workshop on your specific challenges in the implementation of important projects.