Digitization path with noticeable effect

Everyone is talking about digitization. For manufacturing companies, digitization is expected to lead to great efficiency gains. However, in many companies the effects of digitization measures that have been implemented have fallen short of expectations so far.

Although the known and frequently described success factors have been considered and perhaps even a consultant has supported conception and implementation, the implementation rarely reaches the working practice. Individual digitization components along the value chain exist, but they are detached, isolated, and without customer orientation. This results in a confusing digitization landscape, which leads to frustration for management and users.


Operational Framework

To make digitization noticeably effective in the company and to overcome frustration, a proof of concept is a helpful tool.

For a proof of concept, a digitization path is selected, traced and walked on for the first time and with noticeable effect. This is done by involving all levels of the organization and by means of a practical application case.

The proof of concept must be chosen in such a way that it is useful for all levels of the organization - from the management to the daily user, such as a plant operator or craftsman. The benefits must also be as immediately perceptible as possible, especially for the users. Measures that result in an improvement only in the distant future, causing above all additional expenditure here and now, are not suitable.

In the setting of a proof of concept, relevant digitization components are harmonized. In the first step, it may be required to clarify or adjust the objectives. Using agile principles such as an iterative approach, further modifications can easily be made depending on already achieved results.

Furthermore, the connections and relationships that exist in the organization which are relevant for the proof of concept must be made transparent. This may concern e.g. hidden cross-connections between different processes, previously unnoticed stakeholders or implicit expectations. Based on this information, existing digitization components can then be prioritized and, if necessary, further components can be added. At this point, an important step is also to terminate components that do not contribute to the objective and which counteract the proof of concept.

As part of a successful proof of concept, for the first time the entire organization feels a great positive effect by means of a targeted, comprehensive digitization measure. Building on this, further existing or new digitization components can be latched on or further digitization paths – independent from the proof of concept – can be created. Through the proof of concept success experience, the spell that previously slowed digitization down is broken and the prerequisites for a digital mindset in the company are created.

We will work with you to pave the way for an effective digitization, both in the preparation and in the implementation of your proof of concept.

3con Mode of Operation

3con is specialized in operational excellence in the process industry. We help our clients to achieve sustainable business success through the optimal use of their operational resources.

Understanding the complexity and patterns behind the client's context, we find surprising, holistic and tailor-made solutions. For a project to be successful, the solution and consulting approach must fit the respective corporate culture. This is what we are convinced of. 

Our approach is based on a co-creative way of working. We use different consulting tools and methods in a targeted manner and involve those affected in finding solutions from the outset, especially at the operational level. On the one hand, this procedure ensures that the knowledge available in the organization is used optimally and on the other hand, it facilitates subsequent implementation.

If required, we also support managers through sparring and coaching, for example to develop target pictures or to initiate a change in corporate culture.

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